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Medals Collection.

Miniature World War One medals.

1.Victory medal awarded to LIEUT. C.M GILES
2.Victory Medal awarded to 1694 CPL. E.STUBBS E.AFR T.C
3. Victory Medal awarded to 1071 PTE. ALI ABUBAKAR 7/K.A.R
4. Victory Medal awarded to 3484 PTE. BABALLA SURUR 4/K.A.R
5. Victory Medal awarded to 1130 SGT. OMAR MOHAMED 7/K.A.R
6. Victory Medal awarded to 2214 PTE. JUMA OYUGA 3/K.A.R

i.World War I medal awarded to R/53 SGT. ALI B. KHAMIS 3/K.A.R.
ii.Victory Medal awarded to R/53 SGT ALI B. KHAMIS 3/K.A.R

i. World War I medal awarded to 32 CPL. D. EPSTEIN E.AFR.REGT
ii. Victory Medal awarded to 32 CPL. D. EPSTEIN E.AFR.REGT. He was one of the first to enroll into the first World War in East Africa. Confirmed by Christopher B. Hill of Dix Noonan.

German Medal.

World War One buttons found in East Africa.

i.3220.A.SGT.FADL MULLA 4/K.A.R.
ii.3420.P.T.E BILAL 4/K.A.R.

1. World War I Medal awarded to 6009 PTE. ODHIAMBO 4/K.A.R
2. World War I Medal awarded to 1/3 INTERP. JOHN ISHMAEL 4/K.A.R
3. World war I Medal awarded to 536 PTE. OKUDELE 4/K.A.R

World War Medals in bronze were minted about 110,000 in numbers, where as the rest 6.4 million were minted in silver. World War One Bronze Medal awarded to 1820 P.T.E WAZIRI 2/K.A.R. Victory Medal Nyasaland Field Force 1820 PTE WAZIRI 2/K.A.R

1. Africa Medal Awarded to 2429 PTE. OWANYA PACHARI 6-K.A.RIF
2. Africa Medal awarded to 4479 SUT. NORALILI 5/K.A.RIF

For meritorious service in the police Africa awarded to Sergt. Bakari Ahmed Kenya Police.

Cap badge.

Royal Army Medical Corps Badge.

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