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Photos Collection.

East Africa Lake Steamer, confirmed by Kevin Patience.

German East Africa Lake Steamer, confirmed by Kevin Patience.

Konigsburg Ship. One Konigsburg Gun is located at the Fort Jesus. There is another in Pretoria, South Africa and another in Uganda.

The photo with Amani-Kegelbahn German entertainment/Sport: A bowling alley

Government House in Dar es Salam after being bombed and the roof blown away during World War One (September 1916). The left and right picture shows before and after the bombardment.

World War one photographs.

Could be Prisoners of War German Askaris.

Could be German Prisoner of War.

British military exercise at the Fort Jesus ground.

Mass grave of Indians at Maktau.

Taveta Grave yard.

Salaita Hill in Taveta.This is one of the places where the British were defeated by the Germans in East Africa.

Bishop William Sparrow died of gangrene during World War One. His Grave is located at Mbaraki Cemetery Mombasa.

Major John Wavell and Lieutenant Mackintosh graves. They were burried where they fell.

Major Wavell and his Arab rifles defenses at Mwele hill.

Mass grave at Mkongani of Arab Rifles. The names of the first 3 higher ranking Arab rifles written in Arabic are Faraj Mbarak, Mohamed Jaber Hassan and Ali Mohamed. The lower ranking soldiers Ahmed Mbarak, Arif Ali, Mohamed bin Salim, Muhsin Ahmed, Abeid bin Omar, Nassir Ahmed, Mohamed Hassan and Salim Said. These are the names which are still readable in Arabic at the mass grave at Mkongani of Arab Rifles

The forgotten heroes. Grave of Khamis Wamataka. Dated 1327 A.H. (about 100 years ago). He was killed in action during World War One in East Africa at Mwele. Special acknowledgement for the Arabic translation of the grave stone by Sheikh Makbul Rehma.

This is Ramadhan Khamis Wamataka the son of Khamis Wamataka. He is about 100 years old and lives at Mwele. His father was killed when he was still a toddler. He claims his father and grandfather came from Malawi. This means they were from the Nyasaland regiment.

Sir Ali bin Salim with his father and British higher ranking officials.

Sir Ali bin Salim seated with British, Indian, Arab and native soldiers.

British and Indian soldiers protecting British East Africa In Mombasa.

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British Askaris with prisoners.

Photograph of Sheikh Salim Bin Khalfan Al Busaidi the liwali of Mombasa.Seated 3rd person from the right,first row. His sons are seated on the first row first and second from the left is Seif Bin Salim and Sir Ali Bin Salim.The soldier seated in the centre may be Walsh Langton Prendegast. Confirmed by Harry Fecitt.

Extremely rare photograph of Lord Kitchener in East Africa with Indians.

Did you know the Bagamoyo mission was completed during World War One?

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